The Ural story begins in 1939, Although the former Soviet union signed a non-aggression treaty with Germany, has not been involved in World War II then. Stalin has deeply awared that the invasion of the Soviet union is only a matter of time. So that Stalin ordered the military to prepare all areas of operation, especially the ground forces that would defend the Russian motherland against invading German Panzers, ground troops, and Special Forces. Having seen the effects of the Blitzkrieg against the Polish Army, mobilization was of paramount importance to the USSR.
      The former Soviet defense ministry held a secret meeting,which reaches an agreement to copy the Germans used BMW R71 sidecar. Then the secret underground activities were carried out-Five units were covertly purchased through intermediaries in neutral Sweden and smuggled to Russia. Soviet engineers in Moscow busily dismantled the 5 BMWs. They drawed and copied every detail of the BMW design and everything went well. Early in 1941, the first trial sample of M-72 motorcycle was shown to Stalin, who immediately approved the large scale production of the motorcycles.
      On June 22nd 1941, Nazi Germany with its satellites Finland, Hungary and Romania launched a surprise attack on Soviet union from three routes. The Great Patriotic War was broke out which lasted for 4 years.
      Finally Ural M-72 bacame the Chaotic hero in the large-scale patriotic war. On October 25, 1942, the first M-72s were sent into battle. Over the course of World War II, 9,799 M-72 motorcycles were delivered to the front for reconnaissance detachments and mobile troops.
      No doubt, Ural sidecars was born as the fighter of the battlefield, but will never demise by the end of the war. Urals are still used in Russian army troops nowdays. The mechanical engineers have improved, upgraded and analyzed and tatally produced more than 3,300,000 Urals in the past 70 years. Ural is favored by many fans all over the world for its first-class quality and the permenent classical style. There are more than 200 dealers around the world, throughout the developed countries of Europe and the United States.
      Ural-Sidecar - The Essential Toy that Enthusiastic Man Should Possess.
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