Introduction to 2014 Ural Models:
    2014 marks the year of revolutionary changes for Ural motorcycles. With the introduction of a number of advanced technical and functional features, we’ve made Urals better, safer and more user-friendly, while still maintaining Ural’s classic looks, ruggedness and unpretentious character.
    To begin with, we’ve fitted our 749cc boxer-twin with a new stand alone fuel-injection system equipped with an ECU for each cylinder improving acceleration and fuel economy. We increased breaking power by putting disc brakes on all three wheels. By replacing the friction-type steering damper with the new hydraulic steering damper, we made it easier for the rider to maintain a straight line of travel and improved the bike’s stability and rider confidence. Some appearance improvements include new kneepads and badges on the gastank, improved preformed hoses for fuel lines, breather and reservoirs. The new dashboard with modern indicator lamps is more aesthetically pleasing and at the same time better follows the contour of the headlight and the upper triple clamp.
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